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The silk turban hat




The silk turban hat is an accessory combining style and functionality. The silk turban hat is an accessory combining style and functionality. With two layers of fabric, the exterior is digitally printed cotton (a sustainable dyeing process causing 0% water waste) and the interior is pure silk.

Silk is an incredibly beneficial material for the hair, providing hydration, luminosity and preventing hair breakage. Ce turban s?attache à l?arrière grâce à un bouton pression.


Available sizes
S. M. L

Fiber composition
Outer fabric: 100% Cotton
Inner fabric: 100% silk

Garment Care

Privilégiez le nettoyage à sec.

If you want to wash it by hand:
Soak your garment in ambient temperature water.
Use preferably a detergent for silk or a mild soap. Gently rub the stains
Rinse your garment with clean water
Squeeze it carefully to drain it. Preferably, place it between two towels to absorb water.
Let it dry outdoors. Avoid using the dryer, as it can ruin your garment and can eventually cause it to lose its smooth texture and vibrant color.


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