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The ginger picante dress




The “Ginger picante” dress is distinguished by its elegant wide and flared sleeves. This piece continues with an “A” cut that naturally accompanies body movement with grace and fluidity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This dress is made from recycled polyester in an intense orange color. It has an invisible zipper and buttons covered in the same fabric, adding a touch of sophistication and romance. Elle dispose d?une fermeture éclair invisible et de boutons recouverts du même tissu apportant un touche à la fois sophistiquée et romantique.


Available sizes
S. M. L

Fiber composition
100% recycled polyester

Garment Care
Preferably wash by hand to preserve the shine of the fabric for a long time.
Soak your garment in ambient temperature water.
Add soap and gently rub the stains.
Let your garment sit in the water for a few minutes and add fabric softener if desired.
Rinse your garment with clean water. Then drain it delicately.
Let it dry outdoors. Avoid using the dryer, as it can ruin your garment and can eventually cause it to lose its smooth texture and vibrant color.

Iron your garment normally, at a moderate temperature.


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